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Nov 2012:
PMI Ash Technologies SVP named new American Coal Ash Association Chair
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Dec 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies develops ammonia removal and recovery technology
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August 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies SVP’s testimony to Congress on EPA’s proposed ruling on coal combustion residue.
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March 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies to be Featured in Episode of “The Profiles Series” on The Discovery Channel on Thursday, March 11, 2010
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March 2010:
PMI applauded for making green use of coal ash -
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PMI Ash Technologies

Providing Superior Solutions For Your Fly Ash Challenges

Above: Operational Dominion Virginia Power Chesapeake Carbon Burn-Out (CBO) Plant
Above: Operational Dominion Virginia Power Chesapeake Carbon Burn-Out (CBO) Plant

PMI Ash Technologies, LLC (PMI) is a technology development company specializing in coal combustion products and processes. We are also an operating company. We have invented and/or commercialized several technologies related to processing fly ash to make it more recyclable. Among the things that make us unique is that we have owned and operated processing plants as well as developed the technology that the plants were based upon. As a result, we have expertise in fine particle processing plant development, design and operation as well as the engineering subdisciplines that make them work. This includes combustion, thermal processing, powder handling, storage and transport and the associated machinery.

PMI Ash Technologies, LLC (PMI), provides economic ash management solutions through innovative technology. The Carbon Burn-Out (CBO) process eliminates fly ash disposal while creating a high-quality pozzolan for use in concrete. In addition to addressing solid waste issues, Carbon Burn-Out recovers residual carbon's valuable heat, measurably increasing the host utility's generation efficiency.

PMI's Carbon Burn-Out process is currently online at South Carolina Electric & Gas Wateree Station, Santee Cooper's Winyah Station, Dominion Energy Brayton Point Station, and Dominion Virginia Power Chesapeake Energy Center. The technology has been commercial since 1999 and has a combined processing capacity of approximately 1 million tons per year.

PMI has also developed an Ammonia Removal and Recovery Technology, an Ammonia Suppression Technology and a bulk, fine particle feeder - PMI Feeder. PMI is also in the process of developing an FGD waste recycling technology as well as a mercury capture material.

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